How Smart, Connected Due Diligence Systems are Transforming Third Party Risk Management

The compliance field is in the early stages of a paradigm shift on managing due diligence—moving from a data drought to a data flood. Today’s compliance manager has to figure out how to proactively and continuously manage, organize and pinpoint risk in an overwhelming amount of data coming from many sources inside and outside of their organization.

Michael Volkov, of Volkov Law Group, will provide insights and examples on ways compliance professionals can leverage integrated due diligence systems to stay on top of risk and better protect their organizations.

After this educational webinar you’ll understand:

  • Best practice approaches for organizing and analyzing the mountain of data your program is collecting
  • Essential elements of a high performing, cost efficient due diligence system, and how to build a business case for putting one in place
  • Real-world example of a company who made the shift from manual to automated due diligence processes, and what they learned (and gained) along the way

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

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