2018 E&C Hotline & Incident Management Benchmark Report

Compare your employee reporting metrics and measure the effectiveness of your compliance program & organizational culture.

We’ve analyzed 4.5 million reports over the last six years from almost 6,000 organizations. Use our industry-leading findings as a framework for your company’s reporting data and answer questions like:

  • Are your employees likely to speak up?
  • Are there reports of misconduct you might be missing?
  • Does fear of retaliation encourage external reports of misconduct, undermining your compliance program?

Here are a few insights from the data. Download the report to see all the takeaways!

Key Takeaway #1

Substantiation rates for all cases increased by 10%—the highest recorded level yet. Organizations are seeing higher quality, more actionable reports and/or conducting better investigations. However, with substantiation rates higher for reporting methods such as emails and direct manager reports, many organizations are not seeing the full picture of issues raised and are therefore unable to take appropriate actions.

Key Takeaway #2

Web and hotline reporting channels aren’t enough. Organizations that documented reports from “all other methods” —such as walk-in/open door, manager submissions, letters, and direct emails—captured 58% more reports than organizations collecting reports through web and hotline channels alone.

Key Takeaway #3

Case closure time lost ground this year. Previous improvements in case closure time slipped, potentially indicating that higher report levels are taxing many organizations' ability to respond in a timely manner.

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