2017 EMEA Whistleblower & Incident Management Benchmark Report

Data and Trends to Build an Effective Whistleblower Programme

We analysed reports from companies of all sizes and industries across EMEA and APAC to produce this year’s benchmark data. Use our findings to put your company’s report data into context or gain organisational alignment to start your whistleblower programme.

Use this report to answer questions like:

  • Am I getting too few or too many reports compared to like-sized companies?
  • Is my organisation following up on cases in an appropriate timeframe?
  • How can I more effectively follow-up on anonymous reports?

Here are just a few of the insights from the data, download the report to see all the takeaways!

Key Takeaway #1

Report Volume Remains at an All-Time High. Employees are becoming more comfortable reporting incidents of misconduct evidenced by the fact that report volume in EMEA & APAC has had the biggest increase in reports since we began measuring the data. See what trends might be influencing this elevated level of reporting inside the full report.2017-emea-apac-hlim_report-takeaway-1[159].PNG

Key Takeaway #2

Anonymous Reporting Rates Are Much Higher In EMEA. The median anonymous reporting rate in EMEA & APAC is 5 percent higher than the global rate - indicating there are still company culture issues or a greater fear of retaliation.2017-emea-apac-hlim_report-takeaway-2[158].PNG

Key Takeaway #3

Case closure times continue to climb year over year. From a median of 32 days in 2011 to 46 days in 2015, case closure times continue to increase dramatically. Could this be an indicator that organizations do not have sufficient resources to address the volume of reports they are now consistently receiving? Find out what our experts think in the report.

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