2018 Third-Party Risk Management Benchmark Report

Knowing how to appropriately define, screen and monitor your third parties is essential to minimizing risk. New industry benchmarks, along with the expert guidance provided in this report, will help set up your third-party risk management program up for success.

Learn how to:

  • Reduce risk of legal or regulatory action
  • Define "high risk" third parties
  • Use effective screening and monitoring techniques
  • Measure program effectiveness

Set your strategy for 2019 using the latest data

Key Takeaway #1

According to the survey results, organizations are all over the board with how they treat their third parties, with many applying a “one size fits all” approach or with no program whatsoever. See how best-in-class organizations address third-party risks.

Key Takeaway #2

Finding a consistent approach to monitoring third parties is the top challenge for organizations, followed closely by a lack of resources. FCPA Guidance cites continuous monitoring as a key element of an effective third-party risk management program. Learn more.

Key Takeaway #3

Case closure times continue to climb year over year. From a median of 32 days in 2011 to 46 days in 2015, case closure times continue to increase dramatically. Could this be an indicator that organizations do not have sufficient resources to address the volume of reports they are now consistently receiving? Find out what our experts think in the report.

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