2017 Ethics & Compliance Policy & Procedure Management Benchmark Report

When your policy management program is lacking, your organization’s E&C risk increases. What elements are critical for an effective policy management program?

NAVEX Global recently surveyed over 1,000 E&C professionals from a wide range of industries about their approach to policy and procedure management. The data shows how organizations are attacking their challenges to get better results from their programs.

This report provides insights to questions such as:

  • What are organizations doing to address policy management today?
  • In what areas of policy management are organizations excelling or struggling?
  • What approaches are organizations taking toward automating policy management?
  • Are organizations satisfied with their current approach to policy management?
  • How will policy management programs evolve in the future?

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Key Takeaway #1

Organizations Manage a Multitude of Document Types

In addition to growing numbers of policies and procedures, organizations are having to manage forms such as Conflict of Interest declarations, contracts, HR-related documents and regulatory reports.

This trend for compliance professionals to own “records management” emphasizes the need to automate policy management programs for increased efficiency.

Key Takeaway #2

Top Three Policy Management Challenges

Interestingly, many of the top challenges could be remedied with software solutions that improve policy workflows and documentation.

Download the full report to read additional analysis from peer organizations.

Key Takeaway #3

Case closure times continue to climb year over year. From a median of 32 days in 2011 to 46 days in 2015, case closure times continue to increase dramatically. Could this be an indicator that organizations do not have sufficient resources to address the volume of reports they are now consistently receiving? Find out what our experts think in the report.

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Download the full report to read additional analysis from peer organizations.