2017 Hotline & Incident Management Benchmark Report

Understand what your employee reporting metrics mean for your compliance program & organizational culture

We analyzed almost 1 million reports from 2,400 organization’s internal reporting programs to produce this year’s benchmark data. Use our findings to put your company’s data into context and answer questions like: Am I getting enough reports or too many compared to like-sized companies? Are there reports of misconduct you’re not collecting? How effective is your organization at managing and investigating cases?

Here’s just a few of the insights from the data, download the report to see all the takeaways!

Key Takeaway #1

Report Volume Remains at an All-Time High. For seven years we’ve seen a significant rise in the reporting rate—a 56 percent increase since 2010. See what trends might be influencing this elevated level of reporting inside the full report.

Key Takeaway #2

Web and hotline reporting channels aren’t enough. Organizations that documented reports from “all other methods”, such as walk-in/open door, manager submissions, letters, and direct emails, captured 58% more reports than organizations that captured reports made through web and hotline channels alone.

Key Takeaway #3

“All Other Methods” reports are substantiated at a significantly higher rate than reports received via hotline and web. This highlights the importance of having a process to systematically capture reports from walk-in/open door, manager submissions, letters, and direct emails.

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